Tech Ventures




  • Building (WordPress primarily)
  • eCommerce (Woocommerce primarily. ebay, etsy)
  • Social Media integration to websites

Social Media

  • Creating Social Media Accounts
  • Content: photos, videos, text
  • Sharing: connecting with and sharing to/from relevant accounts


  • Marketing products, services & events
  • Event Marketing: My main interest (especially if wine is involved)
  • Posting Ads: ebay, craigslist, nextdoor, etsy…
  • Some Past Projects:
    • Tiburon Chamber of Commerce – 3.5 yrs (Website-Online Marketing)
    • Tiburon Art Festival – 1-2 years (Website-Online Marketing)
  • Some Past Wine Projects:
    • Tiburon Wine Festival – 3.5 yrs (Website-Online Marketing)
    • Angel Island Wine Festival 2011 (Created, Managed, Worked it, Marketed it – with partner)
    • Vino Moda – Fort Mason SF (Created, Managed, Worked, Marketed – with partner)
    • Crush Barrel – Fort Mason SF (Created, Managed, Worked, Marketed – with partner)
    • Tiburon Wine Cruises (Tiburon Wine Club)
    • Red Dot Wine Cruises (Tiburon)

Sell Your Stuff

  • Estate Sales
    • Photograph items and post to craigslist, nextdoor, etc. for local Estate Sales
  • Classified Ads
    • Photograph items and post to craigslist, nextdoor, ebay and rxjtv.com classified ad directories
  • eCommerce
    • Sell items on ebay, etsy or various rxjtv.com property websites


  • Locate/Research Individuals online. Lost friends, relatives, etc.
  • Research any information subject



  • ~25 years in construction
  • Finish Carpentry
    • specialty: crown moulding
  • Stairbuilding
    • ~2 years
    • curved staircases (elliptical, multiple-radius)
    • project: 810 degree spiral staircase, single cherry stringer (cherry handrail), acrylic treads, risers, spindles and panels inside a glass tower on the shoreline
  • Miscellaneous Projects
    • 6×6 retaining walls, 10ft log framed mirror, 1 flagstone patio, remodels, renos… I’ll think of more later…


  • Very local, select clients
  • Pruning
  • Weed Patrol (Elbow Grease, No Roundup)
  • Rain Barrel installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • project: nautilus design flagstone patio installation

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